Tension, Migraines, Hormonal and Cluster Headaches, Bryan LifePointe - Lincoln, NE

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Tension, Migraines, Hormonal and Cluster Headaches

Get relief with our highly effective Myokinesthetic System (MYK) therapy program

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If you’re feeling limited from doing things you enjoy and ready for relief from painful headaches, Bryan LifePointe offers a fresh approach with our Headache and Pain program. This program integrates MYK therapy, nutrition and fitness to provide lasting results.

What is MYK and how does it work?

When the nervous system is balanced, your body begins to work the way it’s supposed to – with range of motion increasing and pain decreasing. MYK therapy effectively pinpoints your pain area and with massage therapy stimulates muscles along your nerve pathway to allow greater movement in your muscles.

  • You don’t get undressed
  • No oils or creams used
  • You and your therapist will work muscles in the specific area
    you’re experiencing pain
  • Go through a range of motions together
  • Work both sides of the body even if the symptoms are only on one side

What are benefits of MYK?

  • Alleviates pain
  • Restores movement and function
  • Improves posture

Our highly effective 12-week program incorporates:

  1. 14 muscle movement therapy sessions to pinpoint issues in the nervous system and correct them
  2. Nutrition assessment with a Bryan LifePointe registered dietitian, followed by four, 30-minute nutrition follow-ups
  3. Fitness assessment with a Bryan LifePointe fitness trainer
  4. A variety of low impact fitness classes including yoga, aquatics, tai chi and more

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Does MYK work and how long will it take to notice pain relief?

Yes, you will see lasting results with our thorough and highly effective program.

How do I schedule an appointment for MYK?

Call The Spa at Bryan LifePointe, 402-481-6321.

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