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Deep Tissue

Using a "deep," firm pressure and customized for each client to ease aching muscles, promote relaxation and stress relief, and improve blood circulation and range of motion. Especially beneficial to release chronic muscle tension or "knots."


A relaxing massage using long soothing strokes with gentle to medium pressure to help calm the nervous system and stimulate the release of endorphins. A great way to promote a feeling of health and well-being.

Massage Therapy Prices

30 Minutes, $40

45 Minutes, $50

60 Minutes, $65

90 Minutes, $90

Enhancements for Massage

Hot Stone, $10

Paraffin, $10

Aromatherapy, $10

Signature Mediterranean Massage

Our signature massage incorporates essential oil with customized massage techniques and aromatherapy heat packs to melt away tension, awaken the mind and soothe your soul. A relaxing and renewing experience.

60 Minutes: $80  
90 Minutes: $105

Hot Stone Massage

Smooth, Basalt river stones are warmed and used during this treatment to unlock tension deep within the muscles, helping to achieve total mind and body relaxation.  

75 Minutes: $90

Couples Massage

A wonderful massage can be even better when the experience is shared. Together you will each receive a customized massage. It's a great way to spend some quality time together.  

60 Minutes: $145


Special techniques for the unique needs of moms-to-be. Relieves leg, lower back, neck and shoulder, and symphysis pubis pain caused by the body's normal adjustments to pregnancy. A soothing experience that also promotes better sleep.

60 minutes: $65

Massage Packages

available for all types of massage

Three-massage package - 30% off third massage
Six-massage package - your sixth massage is free!

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Bryan LifePointe

7501 South 27th Street

Lincoln, NE 68512

Facility Hours

  • Monday-Thursday:
    5 a.m.-10 p.m.
  • Friday: 5 a.m.-8 p.m.
  • Saturday: 7 a.m.-7 p.m.
  • Sunday: 7 a.m.-7 p.m.

Spa Hours

  • Monday-Thursday:
    9 a.m.-8 p.m.
  • Friday: 9 a.m.-6 p.m.
  • Saturday: 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
  • Sunday: Closed

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